Run android apps on linux desktop

Once the package downloads, find it in the file manager and double-click on it. This will open the Debian package installer.

Install Anbox (Alpha) on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Check out the best VPNs for Ubuntu if you value your online privacy. Head over to this page , download the snapshot and compile the package. Alternatively, use tools like Yaourt to install this package. Click on the package in the download folder to open it inside of the package installer on your PC.

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Your Linux distribution not on the list? To be fair, anyone can extract the Google Chrome Linux package and make it work for their Linux distribution. Everything in this guide that is meant for Chrome will also work for Chromium. This could be the package manager in the terminal, or the software store installed on your Linux distribution. A few years ago, Google decided to create a Chrome-based runtime for Android.

Installing Android Apps on Linux with ARChon

When the runtime came out, only apps that were approved by Google were ported. The community saw this as an opportunity, and reverse engineered this runtime so that any Android app can be converted. All of this is done with the help of Arc Welder. Getting Android apps working with Arc Welder and Chrome is difficult.

7 Best Android Emulators to Run Android Apps On Linux

Instead, users need to download Android app files i. APKs to the computer manually. Android apps built by Google, or ones that rely on Play Services heavily will not work with Arc Welder. First, go to the apps section of Chrome. Click on the Android welder icon to bring up the Arc Welder interface. Android x86 is what made Genymotion and many other emulators possible.

Anbox Linux - How to run Android Apps on Ubuntu - 100% working trick - Latest Tricks 2019 #1

It supports OpenGL hardware rendering which means you can easily play graphics intensive games. Therefore, Virtual Box is not a necessity. Since you have to do everything manually, you also need to know what to do and how to do it. Fortunately, you can find easy to follow instructions of the official website itself. Android x Jar of Beans was originally designed to run Android apps on Windows. You can also install apps from the Play Store.

Jar of Beans. For more practical use cases, something different might be better. Anbox , as in, Android in a box, is an open-sourced project.

7 Best Android Emulators to Run Android Apps On Linux | Mashtips

It is a very different piece of software compared to everything above. This is very much how Google has provided support for Android apps on Chromebooks. All of that also means you can run Android apps as if they were native apps.

Apps open up in their own window instead of an entire emulator window. It can run on anything that can run a full desktop version of Google Chrome including Chrome OS, of course. It provides a runtime for Android apps instead of virtualizing the entire Android OS.

Additional Solutions to Run Android Apps on Linux

As a result of the complicated process, the list of supported apps is very limited. Whether you are trying to run Android Games or Android Apps on the Linux platform, these emulators are there to save you. We have listed the best emulators in a random order. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.


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