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IntelliTools is a suite of several useful measurement tools. This "jack of all tools" transforms your Nokia Asha into a handyman's toolbox you can carry wherever. Get the best reference for derivative and integral expressions of the most useful functions. Published on: Lumina Flashlight Torch. Lumina Flashlight Torch on Windows Phone.

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IntelliTools screenshot on Asha Oh hell! Even a 30k rs N95 can't work as Torch!! The flash was only meant to be used in flashes. Why didn't Nokia put in a flashlight app in the first place? Originally Posted by Kurzon.

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Is this healthy for the device? Originally Posted by ankhbr. Hello everyone! Might still be over-driven, but these phones are garbage in 2 years anyway Love my new Zebralight H30 for floody tasks and my Quark Mini for being awesomely small and bright. Alex K.

flashlight nokia 5800

Originally Posted by Surnia. When you push and hold, it lights up the 'flash'. Originally Posted by PhSy.

If you disable this mode, then everything is ok less energy usage, no warming-up of device , but at the cost of a slightly higher delay when switching the light on. This was before I had email and internet on my phone, but even then the call quality was the best.

Free Top 10 Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Display & Flashlight Downloads Page 2

Not only that, SE made the light an instant function with the key. Either way, one was the light, one was the silent mode. Don't get me started about how great that little 2 mp camera was and how much better it is than my HTC Touch Pro's 5 mp camera with the shutter lag from slowtopia.

I miss that little guy! It's better to have and not need than need and not have. South Florida get-together for anyone who's interested! Really amazing flashlight mode flood with great tint, iirc. Yup, call quality and camera functions were great as well. Don't admit that here!

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  6. Use your Nokia phone as a flashlight with PhoneTorch for SymbianOS 5th Edition;

Shame, shame! Turn off your phones, get an EDC light, and carry it with you! Never seems to get warm.