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Collect gold stars, discover hidden prizes and unlock exciting new levels in this addictively fun, physics-based game!

Let’s Play Cut The Rope 2 #2 – First Forest Levels

Open Menu Close Menu Apple. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Description Join million players worldwide and experience sweet, award-winning gameplay! Christmas is in danger! Solve tricky puzzles and have a fun Christmas workout with Santa. Update features: Made the bubbles bubblier and the bouncers bouncier.

We have improved stability and fixed some bugs.

Video-game guidance from real families, children and parents.

Sweetness of candies increased — Om Nom chomps with even more pleasure. Time Travel, the prequel to Cut the Rope, now features the Wild West era, available for free, and The Future era, which players can access for free by collecting three stars in previous levels or by purchase — As a special treat, Cut the Rope: Your email address will not be published.

You may use these HTML tags and attributes: Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. BlackBerry 10 is going to have a hard time getting marketshare, and app developers demand a significant marketshare to make it worth their while to develop apps. Microsoft dealt with this problem by essentially bribing developers to make apps for Windows Phone, but BlackBerry doesn't have that kind of clout or money.

General Thoughts: The OS feels modern, for the most part, but some of the font and icon choices are aesthetically kind of dated especially in the app launcher. There's some inconsistency with the back button, the extra settings you swipe in from the side, and the extra extra settings you swipe down from the top.

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On the homescreen, when you swipe down from the top, you see basic phone settings--Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, the alarm clock, a link to the full settings menu. This is great!

Candy Pop for BlackBerry - Download

But, it should be available no matter what you're doing, not just when you're on the homescreen. A personal pet peeve: The clock should always be visible! Speed is also worth noting--BlackBerry 10 is a very snappy OS, rarely lagging or taking too long to do something. That's great, and no small feat--Windows Phone is still slow to open apps, and even Android had finger-detection problems until this year. BlackBerry 10 also never crashed on me, which is great.

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It looks, more than anything else, like a black iPhone 5. It's got a 4. There are no other buttons: More on that in the software section. The back is some kind of slightly cheap-feeling plasticky leather, with a chrome-colored plastic BlackBerry logo. The back is removable, so you can swap in a battery, SIM, or microSD slot, which is nice, I suppose, although the back plate is held on by those awful little plastic latches that feel like they're all going to break at once when you peel off the cover. The phone is pretty nice-looking overall. Not super premium-feeling like the aluminum iPhone 5 and HTC One, or hyper-thin like the Motorola Droid Razr, but nice--simple, modest, but sleek and thin and comfortable.

It's about a million times nicer than the Samsung Galaxy line, that's for sure. Taken on a disgusting grey day here in New York City. Detail is quite good, though colors are a little bit washed out.

BlackBerry Z10 Review: If They Could Turn Back Time...

All in all, pretty good performance. The Z10's camera is okay. In good light, it takes very nice photos--it's especially adept at macro shots--but has a lot of trouble in low-light, producing very little detail and a ton of noise. The interface also takes some getting used to; in every other phone camera, you tap the screen to focus, and then tap the shutter icon to take a picture.

Rule the L.A. underworld in this gangster simulation game

On the Z10, touching any part of the screen takes a picture, which meant I ended up with lots of out-of-focus shots before I adjusted. Battery Life: Not great. LTE phones are generally pretty hard on a battery, but I found that with aggressive use, the Z10 had trouble making it through a whole day.

Playing Mafia With A BB GUN!

It also seemed a bit slow to charge, compared to other phones. The Z10 has a replaceable battery, so you could theoretically have a second, charged battery in your bag for emergencies, though I don't know anyone who does that. I like the Z10, a lot more than I thought I would. It's a very nice phone, more impressive than any of the initial Windows Phones, even. I just can't think of a reason anyone would opt for the Z10 over the much more mature iOS and Android platforms.

It's a sacrifice to give up on common, basic apps, on a good mapping solution, on software that's had time to iron out its kinks. But BlackBerry is late to the game, and the game is now only for giants--Apple, Google, and Microsoft.