Star trek sounds ringtones android

So yeah, most of you reading this probably think I am weird but I can live with that. Mar 15, Messages: NY Ratings: Nope, never got into Star Trek.

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Nov 29, Messages: Not here but I guarantee you there are those that do. Brokn68 Member. Mar 1, Messages: Lars1 Member. Dec 11, Messages: SL,UT Ratings: All old-school Trek. The Geek knows he's a Geek. Romple Guest. BigMcGuire Active Member. Dec 13, Messages: Los Angeles, California Ratings: Nov 22, Messages: For my text messages I have a mashup using a star trek sound original series along with HAL from space odyssey "it is nothing serious" Subtle - but my brother inlaw noticed it when I received a text.

I ended up using HAL for my school emails "there is a message for you". Dec 2, Messages: Also, took the fight music from the Amok Time episode and made it into a ringtone. KevinJ Member. Dec 24, Messages: Earth Ratings: I haven't found many HQ sounds.

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However, I only have one thing on my phone. NeutronBomb Member. Dec 14, Messages: Waldorf, MD Ratings: My missed call notification is Darth Vader saying "Don't fail me again Classic voice over. Classic Theme music. Sense of Enterprise. Enterprise theme shortened. Live Long and Prosper.

star trek ringtones android

Resistance is Futile - Locutus. Blah blah blah No! I'm A Doctor - Medley. Resistance is futile.

Star Trek Communicator app for Android

Console beeps 5. Captain Kirk. I'm Doing the best I can! Borg Introduction.

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Computer On. He's dead Jim. Vulcan mind probe. Can't Answer. Saving the future. Make it so. A good day to die. Not a Merry man.

Star Trek Sounds and Ringtones

Data's life forms song. Tricorder Sound. I Am Locutus. You will become one. Computer standing by. Priority 1 Message From Starfleet - Powerslave. Priority 1 Broadband Distress Signal - Powerslave. Warp Core Collapse in 10 Seconds - Powerslave.

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  • OK, show of hands. How many of you guys use Star Trek sounds as Alerts and Ringtones.

Captain's Hail Boatswain Whistle - Powerslave. Packing a wallop, Shields Weakening - Powerslave. TOS - Main Viewscreen.

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Would you say its worth a mans soul. Short Hypnotic Orion Music. Orion Slave girl dance Music. Track Main Computer. Share Star Trek Ringtones: Related Boards: Star Trek.