Gangstar vegas para samsung galaxy y

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Update 27 brings new firepower, new wheels and new technology to life on the Vegas strip! Pick the perfect one to support your style of crime, and upgrade them for even more power and utility. An aggressive Drone that opens fire on anything you attack. A defensive Drone that heals you up when the chips are down. Lucky drivers get to see you jump over them. Unlucky drivers get smashed when you land on them. The Vegas police got some new bikes.

Sleek, cool and powerful. The perfect bike for criminals who live on the edge. Unleash a snowstorm of pain! Built from improvised parts, but perfect for pre-meditated destruction.

Shoot, fight & race mafia game

Step into the arena and fight! Blast off for astronomical infamy. Prepped for any hazard the Apocalypse may bring. The future just pulled up in this super-sleek, high-tech speed machine!

Gangstar Vegas

Burn up the streets with this pickup packed with firepower! Suit up in this unique samurai exoskeleton, fully loaded with AoE attacks and the power to slow down time for your enemies!

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An impressive ninja suit for when stealth is a necessity. Strut in Yakuza colors with this intricate tattoo design. Infect your foes using a shot that deals critical damage with a chance to stun. Big sword with a long damage area. Even gangstas enjoy a morning jog! Toss one into a crowd and watch everybody freeze like snowmen! A laser crossbow?

Santa DID get my wish list! With this killer SMG, vengeance has never been sweeter. Transport your favorite characters and vehicles from Gangstar Vegas to your office, city streets or anywhere for a snapshot! Discover more Tasks and Challenges to complete to rack up even more rewards. Play the lottery to see what holly-jolly prizes we have in store for you this season! You just hit the jackpot, because big things are coming to Gangstar Vegas!

Daily Tasks, that is! You can earn valuable prizes every day you complete them. Plus, you can score a pack of Diamonds every 7th time you complete all of your tasks! In the high-tech Hierarch, you can not only glide across land, but also skim across the water and even jump over anything that tries to get in your way! The hotter it gets, the more damage it does. Because once you hit half your max speed, these babies go invisible, losing any heat on your tail.

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Slip away from the cops and deliver the car to the Chop Shop to score some extra cash. Just watch short vids for free rewards. So be careful who you jack! This update improves the overall user experience with several accessibility and user-interface upgrades. Update 20 brings awesome new items and maximizes your quality of life in the game. You'll feel like a true crime lord of Vegas! Xuanlong and WattaWokka: These wheels will drive you crazy! Big 'n' Silent: Send a deadly message to your foes.

Spread the love through the City of Sin! Vehicle Health Bar: Reacts to damage received and the use of Repair Kits. New Superskills: Decrease the negative effects of weapon heating by upgrading this new skill set! Co-Leader Demotion: It's great to be able to dive straight in and play in this way, especially if you've been away from the game for a long time and want to brush up on your skills before heading back into the main story.

Gangstar Vegas for Samsung GT-S Galaxy Y – Free download games for Android smartphones

The setting of Vegas makes for lots of fun, whether it's chasing bad guys down the strip at high speeds, or playing blackjacks in the casinos to earn more cash. As you play, you'll realize just how much there is to explore in Gangstar Vegas and the level of detail in the game world is impressive.

There are plenty of weapons to collect and upgrade in Gangstar Vegas, including guns, grenades, molotovs, flamethrowers, and baseball bats. The shop also allows you to change your look with new clothes, hair cuts, or even a chipmunk mask! Of course, you can buy vehicles as well, and the selection is very varied, covering everything from mopeds and trials bikes to monster trucks and tanks.

Taking to the streets. The controls in Gangstar Vegas are much the same as previous versions of the game. You walk around using an on-screen directional pad and there are action buttons for running, shooting, and interacting with objects.

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The driving controls can be set up according to what you find easier, allowing you to choose between tilt, arrows or stick-based steering. What's great is that you can define different control systems for cars and bikes, so you could use arrow-based steering for cars and tilt-based for motorcycles if you like. There's the ubiquitous city map , which shows you where missions are and displays various points of interest.

Generally you can skip straight to a mission in Gangstar Vegas without having to drive to the start point, which is handy. A mini map in the corner of the screen shows your current position. The city of Las Vegas is brought to life with an incredible level of detail and it really drags you into the story. Animation is great too and the accurate ragdoll effects make performing stunts a real treat.

There are the occasional graphical glitches as with most huge games like this, but not enough to detract from the overall experience.