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A general disclaimer: While the results of our tests are good for the versions of the apps the latest available at the time of this writing and the devices we used, your experience might vary. Here are some of the most popular Android aviation navigation apps available in the Google Play store. You can get in-depth weather briefings, import airplane-specific performance specs — they had not only the SR22 but also the Turbo model — and add waypoints to your route with a touch.

The downside is the map part of the app, which is what most pilots look for in these products, is not very full-featured or well-integrated. Its graphical planning capabilities are slow and a bit clunky, its flight-planning interface is not particularly user-friendly, and its learning curve is steep.

Top aviation apps for Apple Watch - iPad Pilot News

That said, its strengths recommend taking a look. You get flight tracking, an electronic logbook, free charts and even high-end features, such as predeparture clearances. Cost to Buy: Key Features: Moving map, flight-plan info through fltplan. No Rubber Band Flight: No Flight-Plan Filing: No Split Screen: No Panel Emulation: A relative newcomer to the mapping scene, Naviator is a basic app that features scanned charts. Map interactivity is limited. On other apps, touch a waypoint, an airport for example, and you get a wealth of information Garmin Pilot is the Android leader in map interactivity.

The charts are relatively quick to download but lack the sharpness at close zooms that other apps have. Naviator is a bit complicated to set up, with a few tiers of subscription required, but the pricing is very competitive. Trial Period: Moving map, Nexrad, animated weather, airmets, sigmets, graphical metars, winds aloft, terminal charts, terrain database, altitude optimizer for winds aloft, bring-your-own-charts feature, flight recording, Google Earth integration Geo-Referenced Charts: Yes Flight-Plan Filing: Yes Panel Emulation: Limited, HSI emulation.

You get downloadable charts geo-referenced with the premium version , flight planning and flight-plan filing, automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast connectivity with slick on-screen weather through SkyRadar and Dual receivers among others , and nicely implemented split screen displays — so you can display charts or nearest airports or weather updates or whatever else your heart desires alongside the map.

Screen refreshes are a snap, charts are sharp and quickly zoom-able, and on-map flight planning is quirky but quick once you get the idea. Note to developers: Users want true rubber banding so they can drag and modify the course line without a second thought. That said, Avilution has an exceptionally handy Victor airway routing feature that prompts you to add a new waypoint if it is along an existing airway as part of an airway routing, potentially saving dozens of subsequent inputs. Getting started with your new iPad in the cockpit.

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Flying with the iPad, fact vs. Are you really legal to fly with an iPad? What are you going to do when your iPad quits…. Garmin Pilot: How to use the document viewer and advanced weather…. Video tip: Currently in BETA, but it works relatively well. Whenever you get a call from ATC, simply tap on the record button and everything you readback to ATC will be transcribed onto the app.

Again, this feature is still being trained to understand every type of Aviation lingo so it may be a bit off at times. Manual ATC Notepad: If the Auto ATC Notepad isn't a viable option for you, you can simply set your assigned instructions in this tool by swiping through the most common parameters altitude, speed, heading. You can also take miscellaneous notes in the same tool if ATC gives you special instructions.

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Since this app just came out, I'm definitely open for suggestions and improvements. If you'd like to see a certain feature implemented or changed, email me at youforgotwhat gmail. Last edited: Feb 20, FlightGear , Jan 18, I just released a free version of this app on Google Play. It will allow you to use the app with all it's features for 48 hours before asking you to upgrade.

Hope you guys'll check it out! FlightGear , Jan 19, Bump, anyone interested in this app? I'd just like to get a feel for what you guys think of it so far.

[APP]: Flight Gear

I'm currently coding other E6B functions pressure converter, etc right now and they'll be available by the end of today. Is there something missing from my app that you guys would like to see implemented? Comments and criticism are welcome. Jan 20, FlightGear , Jan 20, Jan 28, Messages: Denver Display Name: I'd recommend providing the app for free to some folks who review and can provide feedback, maybe get them to write a review and offer some advice on tweaks. Apps with a time limit generally don't fly either, because I'm going to download it today while I read the thread..

Then probably never come back to use it. That said, I dont have anything android. Might try steve at http: Interesting thought about the time limit Thanks for your suggestion Mike! I'm currently in the process of changing the free trial version model to something more flexible. And thanks for referring me to Steve as well.

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  8. I'll be dropping him an email today. FlightGear , Jan 21, Dec 29, Messages: Do you plug the headset into the Android device via a splitter or something? Badger , Jan 21, When I tested it out, I simply used the in-built microphone on my Android device. However, if you use a splitter with mic support , and plug that into your Android device, you will see much more accurate results while transcribing.

    Keep in mind that your Android device should have an audio jack that has microphone support built into it the vast majority of Android device have had this feature since Jul 13, Messages: Arlington Display Name: My attitude indicator doesn't work like stated. It basically is sideways regardless of the position of the screen. Jhernandez04 , Jan 21, Could you post the name of your device?

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    I'll get this issue fixed asap. Galaxy tab 2. Ahh ok, I'm looking into the issue right now. I'll upload an updated version of the app and let you know as soon as I get the problem fixed. Thanks for giving me the heads up! Do you happen to have the Galaxy Tab 2 7. I was looking through the technical specifications for the product and it states that it does not have an accelerometer or a gyroscope.