Huawei ascend w1 vs sony xperia l

It features a 1. Until now Huawei has only launched smartphones powered by an Android operating system under the model range Ascend.


However, our reviews of several Windows 8 devices prove that this is needless. Huawei boldly touts the Ascend W1 with "Have fun Get things done". Our acid test shows what the 4-inch smartphone featuring a 1. A glass pane dominates on the front. Compared with the Android models, the test device's design is more angular but that does not unduly spoil the feel.

The tightly fitted back cover and the display's glass do not dent visibly under high pressure. Its feel is nevertheless very pleasing.

Smartphone 1

The back cover can be removed via a small recess in the lower back side. When opened, the user can access the removable 7. It is just too bad that the operating system does not allow storing apps on SD cards. The ports are also kept to a minimum. Despite the budget price, Huawei also installs useful software. Microsoft Office Mobile ensures productivity on the go.

Bluetooth 2. The installed GPS module exhibited an equally stable and reliable signal strength. However, the LED Flash gives pictures a much too warm hue that seems overly reddish. The front-facing camera is only suitable for video chats due to extreme noise and low resolution. In return, the primary camera makes quite decent pictures in good ambient light. Besides the smartphone, Huawei supplies a compact power supply, quick start guide and a standard stereo headset.

The manufacturer currently does not have more accessories in its product range. Huawei includes a month warranty on the Ascend W1. The battery and charger are only covered for 6 months and 3 months are given on the included headset. The manufacturer does not offer any warranty upgrades. The arrangement is good and the keys are big enough to type quickly and without errors after a while.

The touchscreen responds swiftly and without noticeable delays. The gliding resistance on the screen's glass surface is pleasant and the automatic screen rotation is smooth and reliable. Overall, the touchscreen enables a sufficiently fast workflow.

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The soft-touch buttons below the screen respond just as reliably. The physical buttons, such as the power button, volume control and camera shutter release, all feature a clear pressure point and sufficiently long key drop, which give the user a decent feedback. The black value of 0. The contrast of This particularly becomes evident when directly compared with the competition.

Huawei's Ascend W1 clearly places itself behind Nokia's Lumia with The objective color assessment using CalMan 5 software and X-Rite i1Pro 2 colorimeter shows that red deviates from the ideal.

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In return, the green and blue color values are slightly overemphasized. However, the color reproduction is quite close to the ideal. The grayscale reproduction marginally drifts away from the ideal and we recorded a maximum DeltaE of 5 in medium hues, which is an acceptable rate. Only sensitive persons will notice color casts. Subjectively , the pictures show saturated black and brilliant colors.

Only the focus decreases slightly depending on the content, which is also due to the fairly low resolution. The reproduction only looks a bit pale in a direct comparison with other IPS screens.


Nevertheless, the brightness cannot completely outshine direct sunlight. It is however high enough to display contents quite legibly in the shade. An anti-glare screen protector from the third-party suppliers can help prevent annoying reflections. The IPS screen's viewing angle stability is very high due to its technology. The brightness first decreases and colors deviate marginally in extreme, unrealistic viewing angles.

We regrettably could not make screenshots due to a hardware defect, just before the end of the test. We extensively dealt with the hardware configuration in Connectivity. This is unfortunately not enough for the brand new Rightware DX Benchmark 2. Thus, the focus of the tests is on browser-based benchmarks.

The other browser benchmarks confirmed this leading position. Overall, Huawei's new Windows Phone 8 gives a very decent performance. More information about the chip's specifications can be found on Qualcomm's website. The hardware's performance suffices for the few games currently available in the Windows Store.

Hot Pursuit. The gameplay was always smooth. Navigating via the touchscreen as well as the accelerometer and position sensor also worked flawlessly. Due to the aforementioned screen defect shortly before the end of the tests, we regrettably cannot supply screenshots of the tested games. Regardless whether landline or mobile network, the called party confirmed good intelligibility and sufficiently high volume in several test calls.

The installed speaker provides an acceptable sound and is loud enough for calls using the hands-free feature.

Review Huawei Ascend W1 Smartphone

However, music enjoyment just does not evolve due to the artificial sound with restrained mids, tinny trebles and lack of bass support. Generally, the sound output via the 3. We measure the surface temperatures in daily practical use with the Voltcraft IR For example, the test device is satisfied with an idle power consumption of 0.

This gap grows considerably during load. The Ascend W1 consumes an average of 1. That is a significantly higher consumption considering their marginally weaker components. Nokia can only put this back in perspective with its overly bright screen. Huawei's Ascend W1 does a very good job in this application. But that was to be expected in view of a 7. PhonesData is the Web site where you can find information about the full technical specifications of all smartphones.

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