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I didn't have to deal with the CDMA cards so don't really know anything about that. I just returned from a trip and I'm happy to say my phone - and Straight Talk - worked beautifully all across the country. Absolutely no problems! I've had my iPhone 5 through Straight Talk for about a week now, and so far so good. Setting it up was a breeze and I've had no problems at all. I asked customer service a lot of questions via email and they answered promptly. One thing I verified is that my phone is using Verizon network which works best in my area.


I went on the straight talk website, and it said that cdma cards aren't compatitble with their service It's a relief to have the decision made, and after all the research, I feel I made the right one. I'll let you know how I like it! According to the Apple Store launch page , the T-Mobile version comes unlocked.

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In this case, though, don't think there's going to be issues. Thanks for all the helpful information. I still don't have very clear something. My situation is that I have an iPhone 4S with sprint and I can not afford the fees any longer. Can you please recommend me what to do to my iPhone in order to be able to connected in a pre paid company.? Will it work with a safe link SIM card? Please help me thanks in advance. I contacted Straight Talk directly several times since they danced around my questions.

They answered that they didnt have SIM card for i5 so I couldn't bring my own phone. My thoughts now after hours of researching plans - and your article was very helpful I'll either buy from Straight Talk and cross my fingers I like it - - or buy unlocked from Apple and go with T-Mobile prepaid. Assuming I'd like ST, it seems like the best value. It's all soooo confusing! I have the same problem as you. The thing is T-mobile does not work good in my area. I hardly get the signal and I hate it I am using the T-mobile prepaid with regular phone. I think iphone 5c can use straight talk, but not 5s.

I am not so sure. I really want 5s. Let me know what you choose and how you like it, please. Sort of like a contract without the contract. I can't decide for sure what to do. You can buy locked phones from Straight Talk or another carrier. These cannot legally be unlocked, without the permission of the company that locked it. If they are locked, then these are subsidized phones and oftentimes cost less than the full retail value. Apple sells unlocked iPhone directly from their site.

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The key word is "unlocked". If it's not unlocked, then you won't be able to change networks at a whim. If you factor in the data cap 1 or 2 GB last I checked , it's one of the best deals around. Where is the proof that Verizon is legally obligated to provide service to any phone on its network? I looked at the link above in the PagePlus section and couldn't find this info anywhere.

As a stipulation of its contract for its successful bid on the mhz spectrum, Verizon agreed to a provision called the "open access" clause. They then immediately began violating it. Page Plus will accept the Verizon iPhone 4 and 4S now. But according to all accounts, the iPhone works fine with its service. I couldn't find any source that showed official support though.

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It's an amazing deal. Good job! The first 4gb of data are at the full 4G speed before your speed gets throttled. Comparing apples to apples, that's the best out there. And the cherry on the top is they pay you residually every month for referrals you enroll in Solavei. Not only is my cell bill paid for, but I also make a significant amount of money monthly -just for sharing about my savings with my friends and family. You can too Check out http: I know that Solavei offers a very good service, but their business model isn't sustainable.

But as they expand, there's an increasingly important question of profitability. Can a business continue to offer free or reduced cost plans to a large number of their members? Only if they keep expanding. And MVNOs have limited growth.

Solavei is an MVNO. They actually rent finite broadcast spectrum from T-Mobile, so over time they must either find another revenue source or become unprofitable.

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Unless there's something I'm missing, I imagine that Solavei won't be able to do business as is forever. Eventually the bottom is going to fall out. Kannon, Thanks for the response. We have , members in 8 months. Yes, there is actually something you're missing.

Solavei is actually a first-of-it's-kind social commerce company with the first phase being mobile service. We are rolling out "Solavei Marketplace" which will launch on our 1 year anniversary Sept. It will be a mix of Groupon and Amazon and provide Solavei members discounts at retailers Target, Wal-mart, Home Depot, Starbucks, etc and allow small and medium sized businesses to run deals and coupons. There is much more to it, which if you want, you can watch the actual presentation on Solavei Marketplace from the Solavei regional event from last weekend in Las Vegas: But then you realize the weight of those words when they come from Rittenhouse, who was the former Chief Operating Officer of Wal-mart.

He is just one of the many C-class executives that have aligned themselves with the vision of Solavei. Nice article, been a fan of mvno's for quite sometime. I have used straight talk the most with no issues. I did want to point something out, because of work and needing heavy days I switched to tmobile.

I had been with them before and left because they used to throttle after a certain amount. I spoke with their support or if curiosity and add told they removed the throttling for their unlimited plans. Just an fyi in your article, you still mention the old way, when they indeed throttled. They don't anymore. I'll need to make that correction - thanks Gio! I also heard about this change very recently - everyone is talking about it. I'm curious - how are you managing to hit 8GB in monthly usage?

That's quite impressive. Streaming video perhaps? It is quite a bit and it was within a weeks time too lol, and you are right. I was pretty much streaming, downloading everything I possibly could. I added a 64Gig sd card to my note 2 and just went crazy. I am still having a lot of data usage, but no more 8gb in a week. I still do about gb in a month normally. I just started ptel, what do you mean "with your balance expiring after a year.

I thought the balance rolled over. It's a good thing you mentioned that - the balances do roll over, but Ptel expires balances after a year from the date of purchase on the cheaper plans. It works like this: However, each individual dollar that you add has an expiration of one year. However, if you actually use the phone at all, it shouldn't be an issue. I've been using the service for a while now. Dollar-per-dollar, it's still a better plan than all the other pay-gos around.

A much better deal. Hello Kannon - you write: I have a 3S but am ready to upgrade. Something else useful at PTel: International texting 2Cents. Very useful if you travel or if you have International visitors. Still 5 cents a minute for voice isn't bad at all. There are only a few other MVNOs that offer lower rates, but have worse policies and customer support. I have straight talk and have had no problems. I use the internet quite a bit. CDMA is still there, but are very marginal players in India.

GSM holds the roost here, and that has handed the unlocked environment as a boon. Unlocked devices is the norm, and we can change our telecom service provider at a fraction of a a time if we are unsatisfied with their services or tariff plans. Postpaid is more popular with high society people or for corporate connections. Even in such situations, they mostly use unlocked devices and opt out of a postpaid plan if they wish, though the retention team really tries hard to keep them.

Their are subsidised lock devices available with contract plans, but I doubt only a miniscule number of people opts for it in India, as we are well aware of the fallacies of such contracts, where you practically get bound and enslaved by the telecom service providers to their whims and fancies. That was also the reason, that iPhone did not pick up in India, as Apple tried to follow the USA model here, in tieing up with telecom players and offering only locked device with a contract plan.

D You cannot compare two countries on same assumptions and standards, hard lesson learnt here in India by Apple. A great value compared with other prepaid plans, which offer roughly half the data for the same price. Virgin Mobile. Straight Talk. Back to top. Republic Wireless No Data Price monthly: Unlimited minutes and text messages; not available on iPhones Why we like it: Just minutes and messages for a very low cost, plus data access via Wi-Fi.

Plan name Ting: Small no data Price monthly: A basic plan tailored to your usage. Includes any combination of 30 minutes or texts; 10 cents per minute or message over the limit Why we like it: Bare-bones plan with a price to match. Unlimited minutes and text messages. Why we like it: Boost Mobile Unlimited Price monthly, four lines: Unlimited talk, text and data, plus 30GB of mobile hot spot Why we like it: This limited time offer from Boost is available for new and existing customers.

Unlimited talk and text, 5GB of data per line Why we like it: Boost Mobile.

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Straight Talk - 10GB Best for: People who don't want data Monthly cost: Ting Small Best for: People who want a pay-as-you-go option Monthly cost: People who want a pay-as-you-go option Cost: