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Use your iPhone as a barcode scanner to add any item to your gift list. The world becomes your virtual department store as you add anything from anywhere with a single zap of your iPhone. Easily manage your gifts, compare prices before adding new items, send eCards to invite your friends to check out your gift list and then use MyRegistry. Learn more at www. Simply launch the 2DCodeMe app and take a picture of a code.

RedLaser: Barcode Scanner Hottness

Imagine taking a picture of your friend's shirt and instantly connecting to their music video, facebook profile, email or phone number. Create your own FREE code, learn more, and check out the cool code products at www. Join the revolution and start 2-D coding today! For iPhone 4 please instead download version 1. Intended for small businesses, enterprises and developers to scan, track, record and verify data embedded in barcodes. Most popular uses include ticket validation and data collection. Patents Pending. Powered by QuickMark. RedLaser "u"u Impossibly accurate barcode scanning.

RedLaser searches for low online and local prices from hundreds of thousands of retailers.

Here are a few reasons to seriously consider using barcode scanners:

Even without autofocus! RedLaser uses state-of-the-art barcode recognition that can read virtually any product barcode. Works great on the first-gen, 3G, and 3GS! RedLaser is a perfect shopping companion. I live in the UK and just went round my house scanning as many barcodes as I could find. It's totally addictive Its quite genius!

It works on the oddest of products. It has made buying items for my new house a pleasure rather than a chore! Just tap 'Settings' from your iPhone home screen and look for RedLaser. RedLaser uses two separate algorithms for recognizing barcodes. Exhausted from carrying multiple pricing guides and other tools? Tired of entering vehicle identifier numbers VIN's to look up pricing guide information and vehicle histories?

Frustrated with the time it takes to get the information necessary about a car to make a sound purchasing decision? This intuitive, easy to use application features: As you use the scanner, remember to: Brace your arms against the vehicle for additional support whenever possible. It will take a few practice scans to master the process. Don't give up! When the camera focuses on the image properly, it will quickly read the VIN. Once you've gotten the hang of it, you can scan almost any VIN in seconds! About Autoniq: Our driving force is to provide critical, real time decision making information to automobile dealers by taking advantage of the disruptive nature of broadband connected Smartphones and other media.

This enables automobile dealers to instantly value a vehicle and receive a vehicle history while making a purchase decision at an auto auction or on a car lot. Autoniq is an "aggregator" combining information from other services into a mobile web service including, but, not limted to: Biz Barcode is supported by Apple operating systems.

Use this app and your iPhone to scan and manage your inventories. Are you tired of reading product- or device- ID's or their serial numbers, then writing it down manually on paper and afterwards typing it into your PC or Mac? This app automates these tasks in three easy steps: Get the product-ID or name of the products via the integrated barcode-reader. Now take all corresponding data to every product using the barcode-reader.

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The app saves all of the data in it's integrated Database for further processing. Add their quantity, location or additional user configurable data 3. So you get a huge improvement in Data quality and you save lots of time: In the settings you can optimize that by selecting which type or barcode the app should read. Available for iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4. Requires iOS 4. This version of the app is fully functional, but without exporting data enabled. A portable QR code reader for the iPhone. Fast and effective with the real-time auto detect mode. The Microsoft Tag mobile tagging system instantly connects you to more information and entertainment without typing long URLs or texting shortcodes.

Simply snap the tag with your mobile phone, and Microsoft Tag takes you there.

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Microsoft Tag multicolored mobile barcodes add unlimited possibilities for making interactive communications an instant, entertaining part of life. These new and colorful 2D barcodes transform traditional marketing media print advertising, billboards, packaging and merchandising in stores or LCD displays into live links for accessing information and entertainment online. With the Microsoft Tag application, a snap of their smartphone's camera transports mobile users to linked mobile content, videos, music, retailers, contact information, maps, social networks, promotions, and more.

Nothing to type, no browsers to launch! Business Highlights Make all your marketing interactive.


Make sure your mobile content, apps, and services get seen. And receive the analytics to measure impact so your marketing investments really pay off. Microsoft Tag provides a simple, unobtrusive solution for delivering high-impact information to savvy and mobile target audiences. Take them to your Facebook or MySpace page, Twitter microblog, newsgroup postings, or transmit your contact details. Plus, you can save information to see later or send to friends.

When you turn your barcode scanner into solutions available on phones and tablets, it becomes much more accessible and easier to use. In an instant, your inventory and assets will be converted to an electronic file. It will be easily retrievable and at your fingertips.

Businesses and consumers have several options to choose from when searching for the right barcode scanner app for their business or shopping needs. If the thought of downloading one more app to your smartphone deters you from adopting barcode scanning apps, simply use a Wireless Bluetooth Barcode Scanner. Scan 2. QR Code Scanning App. Create and scan QR codes and barcodes.

Deep Prose releases Cyclops 1.0 - Free Barcode Scanner for iPhone 3Gs

The Scan 2. Use the barcode scanner iPhone 3GS and later to quickly and accurately scan barcodes on books, movies, games, groceries and practically any retail product! Use the search feature on legacy iPhones, iPad and iPod Touch to search our massive and growing product database.

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With its lightning fast scanner, Bakodo makes a great tool for everything QR Codes. Send e-mail, make a call, add a contact to your address book, or open a location in a map — without ever having to leave Bakodo. ShopSavvy also offers price alerts to ensure you know when the price goes down on items that you desire.

Smoopa Shopping is a social sharing barcode scanner app that lets users share the products they love and earn rewards for purchases. Rewards for purchases can be redeemed for gift certificates at Amazon, Walmart or through PayPal. Next tap the camera button at the bottom of the app to take a photo. Once you have finished taking photos tap the Finish button in the top right corner. A new page should appear with your PDF file. To preview, share, upload the PDF file tap the "more action" button in the bottom left corner of the page. Pick the item you would like to share and a QR code should appear.

Ask a friend to scan it to receive the item you would like to share. Unfortuantely we do not have every product in the world in our database.

There is always a free App for every paid one!

Not all companies provide information on their product barcodes. We are constantly adding new barcodes every day. You can manually enter the product name in the app to receive prices by tapping the "Unkown Product" button. Not all online or local stores give access to their product databases. We are constantly adding new stores to improve the price comparison feature of our app.